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I have papers to write….

I have papers to write….


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Genesis of the Daleks - season 12 - 1975


My take on the Game of Thrones rape dilemma

I understand how rape culture works to an extent and how it truly can be detrimental when very popular shows that have likable characters commit terrible acts of rape as a sense of plot development. I understand that can breed or promote a sense of misogyny. As best as I can, from my perspective, I understand where certain people would be offended; hell it offended me as well but that was because it was meant to. It was a plot point that needed to be made in the show to match the books downward spiral here; even in the books George RR Martin himself said it she was supposed to be resistant at first. So the show changed it and that’s kinda of weird and fucked up but you have to look at the context. Rape is constantly mentioned and even occurs in the show, by no means is it as graphic a scene as this past episodes depiction showed, but none the less it is constantly present in this world. That’s terrible, it really is. Rape is atrocious, and that’s what the show is trying to get across. They aren’t promoting rape, it’s idiotic to assume so. The show is showing how the worst of people, Jamie, have their good side, which it showed all last season, to then only take that away in the harshest reality to show you his bad side. They wanted it to be terrible. That’s what the show was after when they wrote that scene and that’s arguably all of what Game of Thrones is: a struggle. It’s a struggle of houses seeking nobility and power, a struggle of men and women seeking power, a struggle of people seeking themselves through there own good and terrible actions. It’s a complicated show and it’s supposed to be and if you can’t understand or handle the brutal depiction of rape on screen, which again I get it because it was very uncomfortable to watch, but then maybe the show isn’t for you. I understand that many people will disagree with me probably only because I’m a man and don’t understand the plight of women in our society, which I suppose is true but I understand, to some degree, where these writers were coming from. They wanted to make Jamie show his frustrations in the most negative and terrible way possible, which was raping his sister next to his dead child, and Jesus Christ if that isn’t the most fucked up thing he could do, but that’s because it is supposed to be fucked up in the context of the show. Anyway that’s my opinion I could be wrong or way out of line here but that’s what I took away from the show. I hope this helps someone feel a little better about the show rather than just mindlessly hating it, then again if I am out of line here then I guess I’m just biased and completely mindlessly loving it. Eh, believe what you want to believe I just thought I’d share my opinion.




Actual 3-year-old Tony Stark, everyone. 



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